Vikbolandets Naturist- och Familjecamping                                                             Medlemmar i                   Sirvoy

Our "paradise on earth"


Vikbolandets Naturist and Family Camping is beautifully situated about 35 kilometers from Norrköping on the way to Arkösund. The campsite is a non-profit organization and is operated by members.

Vikbolandets Naturist Association purchased the camping area in the early 1990s and work continuously to be able to offer its guests a modern and pleasant campsite.

We have made several improvements during the years, the latest being our new pooldeck area. Now we have two pools and a big wooden deck around it. This is a very appreciated and highly visited place where we all can meet in the sun.

What we strive for is that the camping should suit all ages and that everyone will be able to find activities that suits them. To accommodate this, we now have many facilities and activities and we are always actively trying to find new ideas.


Some of the things we can offer are:

  • Nice accommodation and venues for socializing and celebrating where we can gather in larger  or small groups
  • A small kiosk with snacks, sweets, drinks and any of the necessities you might have forgotten at home
  • Books to borrow, buy or exchange
  • A workout area outside with weight and room to exercise
  • A 1 kilometer long hiking trail, which due to being on land owned by the organization can be enjoyed naked.
  • A large pool deck where we can gather, socialize and enjoy the sun.
  • 2 pools for swimming with outdoor shower and regular checks of the water quality
  • Woodburning sauna several times a week during the summer season
  • Shared grill which is lit every evening
  • A guest kitchen with most equipment needed for cooking
  • Playground with sandbox, swings and a playhouse with lots of toys
  • TV room for movies or just relaxing in solitude
  • Games and ping-pong table
  • The area is surrounded by beautiful environment of forests and fields, where you can enjoy walks or other activities
  • A forest full of mushrooms and berries for picking
  • A small lake at walking distance, where you can fish or just enjoy the sunset in nature