Vikbolandets Naturist- och Familjecamping                                                             Medlemmar i                 

Our "paradise on earth"

Vikbolandets Naturist and Family Camping is beautifully situated about 35 kilometers from Norrköping on the way to Arkösund. The campsite is an Association and operated by members of the association.

Vikbolandets Naturist Association purchased the camp in the early 90s and works continuously to be able to offer its guests a modern and pleasant camping.

We have made several improvements during the years. The latest was our new poolarea. Now we have 2 pools and a big sunarea around it. A very appreciated area where we all can meet in the sun.

The association's motto is that camping should suit all ages, from children to elderly people, all must find activities that suits. To accommodate this, we now have many facilities and activities, and we work actively to find new ideas.

We can, among other things to mention:

• Catering, poolarea and kiosk, where we gather and socialize.
• TV room, for those who want to watch television or sit a bit on the side to take it easy.
• Close to the beautiful forest environment, where you can go for a walk and just enjoy or take a picnic basket.
• A small lake within walking distance, where you can go fishing. Or why not enjoy the sunset.
• The barbecue, which is a natural gathering place where many gather each day for socializing and preparation of food.

For the youngest children is also a small playground, and camping is such that there are also a lot of "exciting" places for all children. We have over the years lived by the simple principle that helps keep the face of every child. This provides a wonderful form of relaxation for parents.

 Of course, we are careful to check the quality of water throughout the season.