Vikbolandets Naturist- och Familjecamping                                                             Medlemmar i                   Sirvoy

Rules of Conduct, Vikbolandets Naturist- and Family Camping


Sound/Noise Level

Avoid making loud noises and trafic within the grounds of the campsite between 22:00 and 10:00 during weekdays and between 00:00 and 10:00 on fridays, saturdays and public holidays.

Whilst within the campsites outdoor public areas during these times, keep voices to spoken level and refrain from playing music. We show curtesy and decency towards each other and guests. Avoid social gatherings during the above mentioned times. In the indoor social space there are no specific restrictions but please keep doors and windows closed as much as possible and use the entrance by the TV-room if music is playing in the building.

Please consider that walls of caravans and tents are thin, respect neighbors and if you are asked to lower the volume, please do so.



Private projects are not to be undertaken on the property during guest season, though maintenance of your plot must be undertaken according to the contract..
Planned maintenance of the grounds and buildings should not be undertaken during guest season.



Take care of the campsite and take responsibility. Cigarette buds, loose paper and other trash is to be discarded in the proper canister/bin. Containers for trash from the kiosk, drink cans, PET and household garbage are located close to the barbecue area, and also by the latrine.



Smoking is only allowed in areas marked by signs, and also on the private plots. Show respect to non-smoking neighbors. We have guest with allergies that are made more difficult by second-hand smoke.


Pool Area

Please do not bring glasses, containers, bottles or other objects made of glass to the pooldeck. In the pool area there is no smoking allowed.


Caravan arrangement

Respect the demand for at least 4 meters of distance between stationary caravans. Do not block emergency exits or routes for trafic.



Permanent renters and guests take their own responsibility for taking glass, metals and bulky rubbish with them when leaving the site.

PET and aluminum cans can be left in the marked bins by the latrine.


Bathing and Sauna

The general rule is that renters and guests are naken whilst bathing in the pool or sunning on the deck. Before entering the pool or sauna, use the shower. If swimming in bathing suits, also have those while showering.

Make sure feet are cleaned before swimming to lessen the need for maintenance and cleaning of the pool.

Children and younger people in sensitive age ranges may use swim-wear, although they are encourage to embrace naturism. Visitors of permanent renters are allowed swimwear for short visits.

The sauna is started by hosts or another permanent resident several days a week, normally around 19:00. During the pandemic it is started earlier and maintained for longer to allow everyone their turn, with the use of a time sheet for booking a session. 

During off-season residents communicate and adapt to each other. 

Pets är welcome at the site, though they must be kept leashed or penned in.

Pets are not allowed within the pool area or by the barbecue and dining area. They are also not allowed indoors.



During off peak season we light the grill on saturdays. The host communicates with the rest of the people in residence so we may all use it and plan meals accordingly. Single use grills are not allowed, and any grill brought to the site must bea minimum of 50cm above ground level. 

Lighting a fire for comfort with waste wood or the pine pieces in the barbecue hut. (Birch is reserved for the sauna.

During peak season the fire is lit 18:00 everyday unless it is determined that there is nobody using it.



To ensure safe delivery of electricity to caravans/campers, we require all cords and wires to be approved for outside use and with a dimension of 2,5mm squared. All renters must ensure this for their own equipment. If a cord winder is used, the cord must not remain on the winder.


Sexual acts

 Are a natural part of our lives but should not be practiced in public, whether outdoors or in indoor common areas. Just like in the rest of society.


A part from this we follow swedish law whilst staying on the camp site.